IMG-20171211-WA0011.jpgMy name is Sunil, i am a Mariner by profession  based in India. My love for nature long preceded my love of photography. I spend as much time as I can in biking, road trips, nature hiking and exploring wildlife. For me photography is freezing the best moments while traveling, be it wilderness, mountains or valleys. My passion for traveling and the images captured through the lens may take you along with me. Photography has been a keen interest since his childhood and finally decided to make this a profession.

Nikon is my favorite gear for photography. Started as a hobby with Nikon D3100. Apart from reading books on photography, D3100 was like a mentor for me. I learned most of my photography skills through D3100. Later i upgraded to Nikon D7100.

Thank you Nikon.

Experienced in Digital Photography, does Event, Fashion and Portrait photography to a variety of clients.

Camera – Nikon D7100

Lens – Nikkor AF S 50 mm / Nikkor AF S VR 18 – 140 mm /  Nikkor AF  70 – 300 mm

Awards and recognition’s –



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